Wild Coast Results - 29 August 2020




1 Form-Scaff 89
2 Bizmark 86
3 G&B 1 83 (Count Out)
4 Zest 83 (Count Out)
5 The Ballies 83 (Count Out)
6 Rocketworks 81
7 Flick Pest Control 80 (Count Out)
8 Densit 80 (Count Out)
9 Easy2Access 80 (Count Out)
10 Sappi Team GM 79
11 G&B 2 70
12 Beruseal 68

Registration Procedure on the day:

  • All players must ensure that they have downloaded and installed the ScoreCapture App on a mobile device prior to the game.
  • Playing handicaps for all players will be captured on the ScoreCapture App prior to the game. When players log into the App, their playing handicap will be visible to them.
  • Team Captains must report to the Handicapper/Starter’s table at least 20 minutes before tee-off time to confirm that both players are present.
  • As there will be no scorers this season, all scores must be captured and finalised on the ScoreCapture App directly after the game to allow the Handicapper access to the scores for capturing on the League handicapping system.

To speed up the registration process, please register your teams online at least 72 hours before the game by completing the online form – https://icgl.co.za/player-registration/.

Please ensure that your players are aware of the ICGL rules.

Teams to report to their respective tee boxes 10 minutes prior to tee-off time.

Duties for the 2020/2021 season:

No Scores appointed for this season
Title Sponsor
MG Packaging

***** IMPORTANT NOTICE ***** SPEED UP PLAY ***** Your Place in the field is directly behind the players in front of you *****